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In addition to the line of Network Management and Transmission Control products, IST also provides various consulting services ranging from system engineering, project management, to product design and development. Throughout the years, due to IST's unique employee skill-sets and backgrounds, customers have employed IST to provide consulting services to help them achieve their goals.

How can we help?

Systems Engineering

IST employees are skilled in all aspects of systems engineering. We can help define/decipher system requirements, evaluate design and implementation plans, perform invaluable customer service tasks, and handle documentation issues.

Project Management

From our 10 years of developing software and hardware products for the satellite communications industry, IST has gained a great amount of experience in the area of project management. Software design is, by its very nature, a project management intensive activity. Along with internal project management that must be performed perfectly to deliver a quality product on time, IST must also play a key role in the project management of the overall system. This is accomplished by working hand in hand with all the customers of a particular job. To date, IST has a 100% on time delivery and customer satisfaction record.

Product Design/Development

This is what we do best. From our standard set of products, to the numerous custom products developed both for internal use by IST and external use by various customers, IST is all about developing products. IST can develop both PC based software products and custom hardware based embedded systems to meet all your product needs.

For more information on IST's consulting services please contact the sales department at:

Tel (480)704-5066
Fax (734)592-1673